Everyone loves me personally a
power lesbian
. Give me a dyke with power, and my personal clothes are on their way off. I’m not really particular about details—
, more youthful or older, slim or curvy—as extended since you have power, you will be my personal kind. Thus I want to create an ode towards power lesbians of the world: the daddy dykes, the
, the tech queers, the bossy babes, the manager hotties, the lesbian sporting a headset and bossing me around, most of the energy dykes available to choose from. This is actually for you.

1. Power Meets Tend To Be Hot AF

The thing that renders myself drool harder than perfectly charred octopus and fingerling carrots is actually a hot dyke in a suit.

F*ck myself upwards.



Lesbians Are Hot AF

I understand this is simply the same reason I just talked about, but it is worth discussing once more, bitches. Power lesbians tend to be HOT. Energy lesbians are CUTE. And this goes


beyond simple looks; it really is an electricity, a feeling, a swagger. It really doesn’t also matter if an electric lesbian isn’t really “hot” by social expectations. Power lesbians are often, constantly, usually hot, simply because they


energy lesbians.

3. I Enjoy Be Bossed Around

You notice, as an out-of-her-mind, anxious, always-late, dripping-in-spray-tan femme, i want a daddy to corral me personally. Positive, i will handle my self in a specialist environment. (I provide you with day-to-day lez material, cannot I?) But put myself out in the world, and I would like to be guided and bossed around. That will be, whenever you handle me chatting back.

4. They Wear Headsets

Precisely why? Who are they also speaking with? I do not care and attention.

5. Lunch Is Bought

Cheapness makes my snatch dry out. Thankfully, energy lesbians never have fun with the ridiculous, “let’s split the balance” thing.

6. They Drink Responsibly

We have always had batshit insane, manic, celebration woman buddies whom transform me into a mom. I am like mom Theresa in comparison to certain women who, i have determined, tend to be my personal siblings. (today we are earlier and much more monotonous.) However in the last, I’ve must be the goody two footwear, the caretaker, the liable one (in fact it is low-key terrifying), when in truth, i desired becoming the one sipping with reckless abandon, blinking the bar, and making discreet trips towards bathroom. Having a power lesbian around to drink responsibly while making me personally feel safe allows us to be the crazy celebration lady I often kept tame because of my personal cray-cray buddies.

7. They I Want To Call Them Daddy

From inside the words of
Zara Barrie


8. They may be Too Busy and their jobs to get involved with Semantics Wars online

Everyone loves
power lesbians
because they do not care and attention whether you identify as
, any. They really have actually other things to bother with, like their email inboxes and work deadlines. Oh, and never to mention, they have been mature enough to not ever proper care exactly how anyone in person determines.

9. They Tell Me I’m Very

Which, back at my hierarchy of requirements, is at the most effective. And heart. And bottom.

10. Slaying the Patriarchy Is Their Full-Time Job

Energy lesbians frequently are employed in generally male-dominated areas, such as company, politics, technology, news media, etc. To truly have the wherewithal to combat through all micro-aggressions they experience on a daily basis—plus searching means sexier than their particular male equivalents? The feminist icons we are in need of.



Is Vital

To have through all the misogynist material they handle where you work, power lesbians need self-confidence. Thankfully, for thirsty AF femmes just like me, this confidence additionally means them unabashedly striking on females, straight inquiring them off to their own faces, and having all of them house.

12. Fancy Cheese: The Ultimate Aphrodisiac

Energy dykes want to purchase elegant cheese plates. I love to


extravagant cheddar plates.

13. We Feast on Oysters

Oysters are the unofficial meals associated with the power lesbian tradition. Thanks for going to my personal TED Talk.

14. You’ll Spot One Out Of Training

As I found my girlfriend, she didn’t come with proven fact that she could reach full daddy potential. But I could spot it from a mile away. Which explains why I will be hosting a daddy-in-training training for anybody curious. Inside my bedroom.

15. They Actually Do Points Aside From Drink

They’re going on weekend journeys. Each goes to museums. They visit their loved ones.

16. These are generally Worldly and Find Out About Books, Caviar, and Paris

A very cultured bunch, those power lesbians. Whatever they can learn from me is Lana Del Rey’s entire discography, where to find the best spaghetti in Ny, and how to achieve their particular full father prospective.

17. They are aware How Exactly To Do Taxes

That’s hot.

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18. Loafers Turn Us On

LOAFERS ARE SO F*CKING HOT. Give myself refined men’s room shoes on sexy energy lesbians or offer me personally death.

19. Their Own Ego Is Somewhat Lower Than F*ckboys, However Their Swag Stays similar

Most of the sex attraction, not one for the immature video games.


I absolutely do.

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